Leveraging The Efforts of Others: Affiliate Programs

What if you could exceed your sales goals for a given month? Or a year? What if you could double, or treble…or quadruple…or more of your sales goals for a specific month? Impossible, you say?

Well, there is a way: The Way of The Affiliate. The possibility for potential growth through affiliates is virtually unlimited. The more affiliates you have in your program, the more money you can make. If Ray Croc had tried to run each and every McDonald’s restaurant himself, he would not have been very successful. For maximum growth, you need others. Consider Avon Cosmetics: its phenomenal success is based on two things – a great product, and an excellent affiliate program.

To Attract Affiliates: Make it worth their time

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Life Without Reciprocal Link

After the latest google update codenamed Jagger, reciprocal link has less relevancy than ever before. Many have abused this system before and there are even sites that thrived by offering link exchange programs.

Reciprocal linking occuring naturally is not wrong in any way. But, many that reciprocate take advantage of the fact that a site A will not be penalized for giving out links to another site B. Meanwhile, B has a higher link popularity due to the vote from A. So hey, why not reciprocate and increase the ranks for both sites? Doing so excessively results in both participants having a higher web rank despite not contributing anything to the overall internet community.

Now, Google values reciprocal link less. Specifically, if a site A points to site B that Google considers offensive, site A will be penalized. Therefore, each site now has to be careful on whom it gives its endorsement to.

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